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My name is Andy Weiser and I live and run my trap lines in western Montana. Some of you know me but most of you don’t. To make a long story short, I’ve been killing coyotes for 30 years now and I have been making my own lure for 28 or so years. While working as a fur trapper and animal damage control trapper I’ve tested and proven my lure from Montana to Ohio, and as far south as Guadalajara, Mexico. 


I make my lure in small batches for myself and I make a little extra for friends. I use very little store-bought ingredients in my lures and I feel that the more natural the lure the better, especially in areas of over-used commercial lures are concerned. With the increase in fur prices comes the increase in numbers of trappers. Unless we catch every coyote that comes by our sets we have an increase in educated animals.


If you are tired of seeing tracks going right on by your sets or not seeing any tracks at all, then my lures and baits might be just what you are looking for. I am offering a small amount of well-aged, top quality lure, bait and urines made and collected by a trapper for one reason and one reason only, TO CATCH FUR.


Although I make many different lures and baits for most furbearers, I’m only going to offer a few and as time goes by I'll offer a few more. Please take a look at the Products page to see some of my pride and joys. Thank you for taking time to read about us!


Contact me anytime at 406-533-8776

Weiser Western Lure

P O Box 119

Melrose, Mt 59743





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